Monday, July 24, 2006

New York City ~ Introduction

New York City ~ Introduction

Welcome to New York City!

New York City Night Life, RMC ( Mr. Roger Meredith Christian ) depicts the action and luster of the night life in New York City. This is just a taste of what really goes on. Moreover, this is the city that nevers sleeps, and thus everything which is possible for a city to do is done here 24 hours a day. What this also entails is the fact that New York City is world's cultural center fait accompli - though not fully recognized by the proud French concerning their Paris, or the Saudis/Arabs about their Medina.

New York City is actually the real city of nightlife, where knights and ladies of artistic venues proclaim their bulls of favor and courtesies to those who wish to enter their various worlds of the arts. And since everything is inluded in this mass of cultural varities, even if you like to hopsotch - hop, skip, and jump, there is someone with a side walk just for you to play, along with the included colored jazzy chalks to outline the fancy squares on the concrete sidewalk surface.

Opera, Music, Dance, Theatres, Movies, Multi Media Shows, and possibly the best food on Earth, even if you want it koshered too, is all here too. So here is just taste, view, and gentle reflection of this great city.

Roger M. Christian